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Ward Manager at The Redwoods, Shrewsbury, Sharon Madden will be travelling down to London tomorrow for a This Morning makeover.

Sharon was nominated for the Nurse makeover by her sister Yvonne who says

“Sharon is a truly exceptional nurse who goes beyond the call of duty and always puts others before herself.”

A nurse for 40 years, Sharon has recently been promoted to Ward Manager and Yvonne felt the makeover would be a great way to celebrate as well as recognise Sharon’s commitment to the job.

Yvonne was also keen to nominate her sister for looking after her mother-in-law who had Alzheimers. She cared for her for 6 years, including palliative care, alongside working nights at the hospital.

The makeover is also an opportunity to make the most of Sharon’s new figure.

Yvonne says “Sharon has also struggled with her weight and at her heaviest probably was a size 24/26. She is now down to a size 12/14, but still tends to buy clothes larger than she needs”.

Kenny Laing, Deputy Director of Nursing said “Its lovely to hear that Sharon is being recognised in this way. She has demonstrated real care and compassion in her work as a nurse and as a colleague and has recently led her ward in completing a rigorous accreditation by the Royal College of Psychiatrists which has highlighted the excellent service provided to patients”.