ESR and Pay Services for Staff Working in Former SSOTP Teams

Your payroll service is provided by Shared Business Services based in Southampton

The above contract will end on 31.10.18, and you will be paid by the Trust’s in-house team from 1st November 2018. Until this date

  • Your payslip, tax, deductions, maternity, sickness then please contact SBS Payroll directly on 0303 123 1144.
  • Extra hours, Enhancements, On Call, please in the first instance, ask you manager to check what was submitted in ePay. If you are a Bank worker you can check this yourself. If ePay is correct but the pay isn’t, then please email The ESR team will review the details on the system and liaise with SBS to resolve your query.
  • A general enquiry, please email the details of your enquiry to


As we lead up to 01.11.18, the former SSSFT in-house payroll team will make contact with your team to prepare you for moving to the in-house service. This will include:

  • moving you onto the in house version of e-pay - known as e-pay Health Roster . You and your manager will use this system for recording your attendance
    • i.e. overtime, unsocial hours, leave
    • claiming and approving expenses,
    • recording all absences (instead of putting this detail on ESR)
    • requesting / monitoring annual leave,
    • if applicable, booking onto bank shifts
  • Using a new suite of e-forms
  • Moving to Electronic payslips - Click here to find out how you can set up your own electronic payslip now
  • Recruiting new staff via the in-house Recruitment team

Please click here to see when your team will move onto the above arrangements.