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Psychological Practice Strategy

Psychological Practice Strategy

In 2010 Dr Felix Davies, the then Director of Psychological Services, was asked by the Chief Executive to develop a Trust Psychological Practice Strategy.

An extensive range of engagement events took place from November 2010 to September 2011 across the Trust to seek the views of service users, carers, staff, commissioners, partners and members of the public. This resulted in the development of the Trust's Psychological Practice Strategy 2011-2016, which was ratified by the Board in September 2011. Key points about the Strategy are:

The Psychological Practice Strategy covers all staff within the Trust, in terms of supporting and developing the quality of interaction between staff as well as with service users, carers and all others with whom we have contact
This strategy is therefore about the psychological awareness and practice of clinical, care and support staff of all professions
Stakeholders are welcome to contact Dr Rachel Lucas directly to communicate views and ideas about the Strategy, and ask any questions, on 01785 221427, or in person
The Strategy document itself and supporting documents which give information about the processes involved in developing the strategy are provided below:


Psychological Practice Strategy 2011-16

Psychological Practice Strategy Formulation and Engagement Overview

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