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Physical Activity

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How much have you moved today?


Fitting some physical activity into your day is easier than you think.

Being active is really good for your body, mind and health – and there are lots of easy ways you and your family can get moving. We really want to encourage our staff to get moving, protect your body by being active, which in addition protects your mind.

It's easy to move more and doing something is better than nothing. Start small and build up gradually – just 10 minutes at a time can be really good for you.  So much information is available within the NHS around Health and Fitness and our Health and Wellbeing site aims to provide our staff with this information.


one you campaign


As highlighted in other zones on our Health and Wellbeing area of the internet, the One You Campaign currently being promoted by Public Health can provide you with endless amounts of information and tools to support you in thinking about how much physical activity you need and are currently getting. Clicking on the image to your left will take you to some of those resources which are available on their site,  such as how to protect your body and mind, ageing well, why you need to get moving and ways in which to do that. 




one you couch to 5k


The Couch to 5k app has been designed to get people off the couch and running in just nine weeks! Regular running is proven to help reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, type two diabetes and stroke, in addition it will also help boost your mood and keep your weight under control. To download the app through either the apple store by clicking here or google play, clicking here. More information and articles in relation to the running plan is available by clicking on the 'One You' image to your left also, here you will be able to see some case studies from people who have undertaken the challenge, tips for new runners, and how to run correctly.




team preventTeam Prevent who provide our Trust's Health and Wellbeing Service also offer support and guidance on how to think more about the importance of physical activity and offer some great information on their site, you can access this by going to the Team Prevent Zone via the buttons at the top of the page.  Once registered, you will be able to access all information they offer to support your wellbeing. A useful video is included on the site, and highlights the importance of moving more...and sitting less!  



whichsport 283x158


The NHS Live Well site has much to offer in terms of resources and advice on physical activity guidelines including a useful psychological and aptitude test which enables you to find out which sport you're best suited to.  To undertake this short test, click on the image to your left which will direct you. 





BikesA4 01

 Cycle to Work Scheme - For staff thinking about ways to get fit and healthy, regular cycling can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease and type two diabetes and stroke also.  It can again, boost your mood and keep your weight under control.  For health benefits, adults and older adults should do at least two hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) of moderate-intensity activity each week.  A 30 minute bike ride would count towards your recommended weekly activity target.  


We are registered with Connected Benefits who can offer you the use of a brand new bicycle - tax efficiently.  You can select a bike from their 'online bike offers' or alternatively visit a bike shop from their list of local bike shops and obtain a written quote for the bike and/or any safety accessories you would like to order.  The scheme then works so that once you have chosen and ordered your bike, you enter into a salary sacrifice from your gross (before tax) salary.  At the end of the 12 month agreement, you pay the 'disposal fee' from your net pay.  To benefit from the tax savings bikes must be mainly used for cycling to work (over 50% usage), but there is no requirement to keep records of work journey's.  The bike can also be used for recreational purposes by any member of your family.  Their brochure is available for download by clicking on the image to your left alternatively, by visiting their site through the following link.  














 walking routes logo

In order to fully promote physical activity at work, and to help you think about how you can build exercise into your breaks (in an enjoyable and manageable way) we have started to develop some walking routes around Trust sites. Area's where these have been completed are listed below with downloadable maps available by clicking on the mapped image to the left of each route.  If you have any additional routes you would like to share with us especially in and around North Staffordshire please get in touch via 01785 221630 or email Kelly Woods on  so we can add to our resources for staff -and share the fun! 

There are two walking routes available for each site mapped out so far, a 10 minute and 15 minute walk.  All routes highlight calories burned and quantity of steps taken (all approximate values).  You can start the walks at any point on the highlighted lines so long as you complete the journey.  Most would of course, be walked from the starting point of the location of the building.





The Redwoods Centre, Shropshire - 10 & 15 minute walking routes (click on the image for a downloadable maps)






St. Michael's Court, Lichfield - 10 & 15 minute walking routes (click on the image for a downloadable map)






Severn Fields, Shropshire - 10 & 15 minute walking routes (click on the image for a downloadable map)






George Bryan Centre, Tamworth - 10 & 15 minute walking routes (click on the image for a downloadable map)






Trust Headquarters, Stafford - 10 & 15 minute walking routes (click on the image for a downloadable map)





 Boxercise with Karl Bradley!

IMG 1163


The Trust's Staff, family and friends Boxercise / Kick-Boxercise has been running for six years, and is led by Karl Bradley, Team Leader for the Early Intervention in Psychosis Team.  

The sessions consist of warm ups, stretching and flexibility, non-competitive gloved techniques, circuit training and fitness with warm downs.  The class is open to all genders, abilities and fitness levels as the sessions will cater for all and hope to improve your fitness, weight loss, toning, stress management and overall wellbeing.  Most importantly the class promotes fun!  Should you have any questions in relation to the class (providing you are a member of staff ) please contact Karl Bradley on 07970 896397.

Sessions are available every Tuesday evening, 5:30pm until 7:00pm at Elite 2000 gym (St. Patricks Opposite the Goal Road) and cost £3.00 per time.  Come along and have fun - but at the same time, get fit and get active with other colleagues within the Trust, or even your friends and family!





Boogie Bounce Lichfield and Burntwood

IMG 2489

If you have / haven't read the information highlighted on the Team Prevent Page around our past Health and Wellbeing Events, then please do so by following the zone buttons at the top of the page.  At our first Health and Wellbeing event, Lisa Whitehouse, Deputy Head of Organisational Development and Clinical Lead for Listening into Action here at the Trust came along and undertook taster sessions of 'Boogie Bounce'.  Boogie Bounce is an established fitness class which is led by Lisa and her colleague in her personal time.  Classes are held three times a week around the Lichfield and Burntwood area.  

Boogie Bounce is fab, fun, funky and fat burning exercise class.  It is a complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline, choreographed to chart topping inspiring music which includes an extremely effective cardio section, and a really powerful bums, tums and thighs section too! Every muscle in the body is worked, even the facial muscles!

Staff who got involved in the taster sessions at the Health and Wellbeing Event provided us with great feedback on how fun it was and in line with our positive Health and Wellbeing approach here, want this to feature here on the website.  If you are interested in attending any of these sessions or want more information please go to the Boogie Bounce facebook page by following this link.  Lisa also has a Trust email which is  Sessions are available at £4.00 per class or three classes for £10.00.



Your Local Gyms, Fitness Centres and Running / Walking Clubs 


There are a wide range of gyms, fitness centres, running and walking clubs around the UK which offer discounts to NHS Staff on their membership fees.  Here at the Trust, we are trying to collate an information bank in relation to this so that you can see, which in your area, support these discounts.  This at present, is work in progress, therefore if there are any of the above that you are aware of in your area which do offer discounted rates, please let the OD Office know on 01785 221630 or email so that we can update the list for staff to see.  The database is available for download by clicking on this link, however, for information such Gyms included are as follows:  


  • Stafford Leisure Centre - Momentum (Gym, Swim and Classes)
  • Stone Alleyne's Sports Centre - Momentum (Swim)
  • Stone, Westbridge Park Fitness Centre - Momentum (Gym, Classes)
  • Stafford & Uttoxeter - Gym and Tonic (Gym, classes)
  • Stafford Anytime Fitness (Gym, classes)
  • Shrewsbury Anytime Fitness (Gym, classes)




Tapfit by Groove Academy 



As with the Boxercise and Boogie Bounce above, Groove Academy came along to our past Health and Wellbeing Stafford event to do some taster sessions with our staff around 'Tapfit'.  Tapfit is a total body workout, requires no tap dancing experience, incorporates a high calorie burn, has low impact options (no jumping), and is easy to follow.  For information on where this classes are running, and for a voucher to get your first class free - click on the image to your left to download the Groove Academy brochure.  Staff who took part in some of the taster sessions at our event in the Trust provided us with great feedback on how fun they thought the classes were!  So get grooving and contact the Academy now to tap your way to a better health or to maintain good health!






Staffordshire FA


The Staffordshire FA have now started a Ladies over 30's League in Staffordshire!  If your over 30 and want to play football in a fun and relaxed environment, then get in touch with them now (the image to your left provides a downloadable brochure with contact information).  The league is a progression from the Staffordshire County Womens League, and is to be hosted on a monthly basis at Coppice Performing Art's School, WV11 2QE.  


In addition, they also have a ladies over 30's league in Penkridge at the Leisure Centre, ST19 5RX which is to be launched in February 2017.  Information in relation to this is highlighted on the Staffordshire FA site.



Walking Football

Staffordshire FA also have Walking Football opportunities currently available across Staffordshire.  All of the key information can be found by following this link which will direct you to their website.  A flyer detailing what this involves is also available by clicking here, and details about what the game is designed provide.



Red Guava




The Trust are pleased to use the services of Red Guava Benefits. There are many deals to be had through Red Guava in terms of money off Gym Membership, Fitness Centres and Golf, all listed below, which in addition support physical activity! The scheme is entirely voluntary......there are no hidden membership fees and you are able to take advantage of any of the offers available including:


  • Entertainment - discounted tickets at Theme Parks and Days out
  • Finance - Special deals on Wills, Insurance and Personal Finance
  • Health - Money off Gym membership, Fitness Centres and Golf
  • Motoring - Reduced Breakdown cover and money off Driving Lessons
  • Shopping - Shopping and Leisure vouchers, flowers, mobile phones and much more
  • Travel - Fantastic deals on holidays, hotels, UK breaks, travel insurance and airport parking


Please e-mail or phone the OD office on 01785 221630 for the username and password to enter the site and to view all the offers available visit the Red Guava website