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Team Prevent provide our Trust's Occupational Health Service, however, are no longer known as Occupational Health, but since 2016; the Trust's Health and Wellbeing Service.   They offer lots of health and well being information and advice as well as a personal health checks just for you.  In addition they offer a Health and Wellbeing site that has been developed exclusively for managers and employees.  To access this site please click on the image to the left, a pin code will be required, to obtain this please contact the OD office on 0300 790 7000 extension 7121273 or Team prevent on 01327 226920 and a member of the team will be able to help!  The site offers guidance for Employees and managers, including general Occupational Health Advice and a Wellbeing Zone, offering similar tools to our site.

As part of the new wellbeing service being offered to staff, Team Prevent want to involve the Trust in identifying how they can improve the promotion of Health and Wellbeing in the workplace.  To help achieve this, staff have the opportunity to work trough a questionnaire to input into this agenda, it will take around 10 minutes to complete.

Further information in relation to what team prevent offer is available by clicking on the images below, the links will provide you with detail on the new Health and Wellbeing service, Team Prevent themselves and their latest newsletter available for Trust staff. 

The Trust's Health and Wellbeing service is led by Bernie Taylor, Regional Nurse Manager, who has a wealth of experience having worked in Occupational Health since 2006.  To meet the rest of the team please follow this link.




introduction to health and wellbeing service

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 The Trust's Health and Wellbeing Service also offer a counselling service; Care first.  Care first are a leading provider of professional counselling, information and advice offering support for issues arising from home or work.  Care First employ professionally qualified Counselors and information Specialists, who are experienced in helping people to deal with all kinds of practical and emotional issues.  They provide unlimited freephone access 24 hours a day, every day of the year for personal and work related issues; short term counselling and support by telephone and face to face (up to six one hour sessions per issue) and support and referral for longer term issues.  They also provide information services for any practical and day-to-day issues, management support and referral services and on-line counselling, supporting articles and wellbeing advice.   As a member of staff  you don't need to ask your manager to use Care first, just call 0800 174319 and you will be able to speak to a professional counsellor in confidence.  For more information on what is offered click on the image above which will direct you to their main website.  As with Team Prevent's Health and wellbeing area, a pin code is also required for Care first, therefore, please contact the OD office on 0300 790 7000 extension 7121273 or Team prevent on 01327 226920 to obtain this. 


Care first provide useful leaflets for staff to read through to further understand the service that they provide, to access any of these leaflets, please click on the images below which will then direct you to a downloadable PDF version for you to read through. For information, the leaflets detail general information about the service, generic confidentiality and lifestyle advice.  In addition if you just generally have a list of questions, an FAQ sheet is available for download by clicking here.


There are also some very helpful webinars available on the Care First site, focusing on Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace, how to improve your diet, the joys of management and when relationships go wrong.  In addition, the counselling service that Care First offer is available online, and is available from 8:00am to 12:00pm midnight, seven days a week, it is easily accessible through their site when first logging on.



care first information service

 care first confidentialitycare first lifestyle care leaflet



Managers Guidance

Team prevent are committed to working collaboratively with managers to achieve the aim to support employees and manage their return to work following sickness absence.  A very useful video has been created by team prevent to assist managers in making a referral for staff - below.  Please let the team know however, if you welcome any further video's being available on this site by contacting them on 01327 226920, if the Administration Team are unable to help, the OH Practitioner will return your call when they are not in clinic to support you with any queries you may have. 




Listening Service


The Chaplaincy is available for all staff, whether you have a religious faith or not.  The support we offer and how we can be contacted.  The Chaplains working in the Trust aim to support you in your work.  We offer a friendly face and a confidential listening ear.  We are here to help you.  A mental healthcare environment can be a stressful place to work.  It can often help to talk to someone who understands the hospital pressures under which you work.  Complete confidentiality is assured at all times.  


Please contact us:  Revd. Capt. Keith Shaw CA.  Hospital Chaplain, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Redwoods Centre, Somerby Drive, Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury, SY3 5DS, via telephone numbers 0300 790 7000 extension 8562 for Stafford or 01743 210001 extension 6001 for Shropshire. Keith's mobile is 0781 466 1043 and his email


  Health and Wellbeing Events!

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As part of the new Health and Wellbeing service offered by Team Prevent, and tied in with our Health and Wellbeing the Trust's OD Department and Team prevent have held Employee Wellbeing events around Trust sites. To date, two have taken place and have proven to be a huge success, providing staff with taster fitness sessions (Boxercise, Boogie Bounce and Tapfit), healthy food sampling from Quorn, flu jabs, mini health checks, BP monitoring, fitness advice from local gyms and fitness centres and other benefits such as discounted memberships and the in-house library service. Staff also had the opportunity to grab fresh fruit, trial McCain's latest 'healthy fries', explore health service discounts, and think about weight loss with companies such as slimming world, all washed down with some relaxing Yoga sessions and golf putting!  To view some photo's from the events, please click on the following link to download a collation of pictures taken.