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Living Our Values

Below is our strategic overview, within our strategic overview we have 3 core values.




  1. People who use our services are at the centre of everything we do
  2. We value our staff
  3. Our Partnerships are important to us


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As you may be aware, at the 2014 AGM we launched our Living our Values Framework and our Charter. Both were very well received and following the launch we are now working on the plan to roll them out across the organisation so we can ensure that we all Live our Values and get it right for service users, carers, staff and partners every time.


We are also working on a Charter for Service Users and Carers too and this will be launched following further engagement at our Service User and Carer forums.


The Living our Values Framework will be used to help us recruit, retain and develop colleagues across the Trust. As part of the roll out, we will be working closely with staff side to incorporate the Framework into all of our employment policies, procedures and processes such as recruitment and selection processes, recruitment training and induction for example.


The 5 key behavioural domains within the Framework are:


Honest & TrustworthyHonest and Trustworthy

Caring & CompassionateCaring and Compassionate

Taking the time to talk & listenTaking the time to talk and listen

Working together & leading by exampleWorking together and leading by example


The Framework will form part of our Appraisal process and going forward, how we Live our Values will be as important as how we deliver our other objectives. The appraisal process will be reviewed to incorporate the Behaviours to ensure that everything is aligned for us to truly Live our Values in every element of our service and at all levels of the organisation.


Watch this space for further updates.


Download the documentation here

Living our values framework

Living our values charter