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Nurse Revalidation

What is revalidation?

NMC Revalidation is a process being introduced by the NMC that all nurses and midwives will be required to undertake every three years, in order to renew their registration.
NMC Revalidation will be the way in which nurses and midwives demonstrate to the NMC that they continue to practice safely and effectively, and can remain on the register. In order to revalidate, every nurse and midwife will have to declare to the NMC that they are meeting the standards of the revised NMC code, received confirmation from a third party that this is true, and be able to offer evidence which shows how this has been achieved.
The NMC are piloted their proposed model for revalidation in different settings across the UK. The model piloted requires evidence that nurses and midwives have:

  • completed the required minimum hours of practice and continuing professional development (CPD) over the 3 year period
  • obtained a minimum of five pieces of feedback over the 3 year period from a range of sources
  • recorded at least five reflections on this feedback, the Code and/or learning activities undertaken, and had a professional development discussion with another NMC registrant, covering these reflections
  • obtained confirmation from an appropriate third party that they have met the requirements for revalidation

The SSSFT Trust Bank are committed to assist our Bank RMN’s to complete the revalidation process.

Visit the Revalidation pages on the NMC website

Link to Trust Bank Process document: click here for document

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